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Pedal board/fx order question

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27 Dec 2010 18:34 | Quote
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So my current odrer is Guitar - Whammy - Multi Fx (Modeling a Dual Rectifier) - Crybaby.
My problem is with the Whammy being first in line, it gets a totally clean signal, and has trouble doing bends while tapping. But if I put it after the multi fx, I lose my Delay and the whammy goes into a horrible Synth tone when turned on, but the tapping and bending is great.

How can I get that full tapping, without the bad synth tone?
29 Dec 2010 20:47 | Quote
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get rid of your multi fx.

lol dont kill me, but id think so. It should be guitar-wah-effects-amp.

I have no idea where a whammy belongs in that, i dont use it
29 Dec 2010 21:04 | Quote
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I'm getting rid of it as soon as I can afford a dist/od pedal.
29 Dec 2010 21:15 | Quote
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wich multifx?
29 Dec 2010 22:12 | Quote
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it's a bit odd to have a modeled dual rec. in front of a wah. I'd think that would limit the effectiveness of the pedal.

definitely not any rules for this, but there are some guidelines to get the best out of your pedal placement for the best response, tone, and usefulness from said pedals.


Although I would think that you could try:


That could yield some good effects if you make sure to not try to wah and whammy at the same time...that might lead to the splits haha

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