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How do I jam with another guitar player?

28 Apr 2010 17:43 | Quote
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My latest set of classes just ended and I'm going to get together with another guitarist to play during that time weekly. I don't know what to do to make it happen though. Should we agree in advance on a few songs to play together?

Without really having something written out for rhythm guitar and lead how has anyone dealt with this. He is the more advanced player so maybe I could play some strumming patterns first to have him finger pick over?

I know this might sound like a bunch of criteria, but really I'm just looking for your experiences, and what worked for you. Somehow playing with a bassist and a drummer sounds almost easier as each role is more clearly defined. (I used to play drums and the bassist would usually start, the drums then guitar as the top layer.)
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nah dude just jam out. i never plan what im going to do, go with the flow maan, and chances r plans will change

i mean if you wanted to get techincal theres scales and chords and theory all about it. but i didnt assume thats qwhat you were looking for
28 Apr 2010 18:06 | Quote
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Well. Usually you agree on a key.

One played plays something.

Then the other player plays something else on top.

Then the sky is the limit.
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Well up to you guys.

AN easy way is to pick a song and you both learn it or recall and mess around with it. Or if you feel like being really inventive, make your own riff and start playing right there on the spot.

Whatever you end up doing, use your ears, not your theory... well that's my take on jamming. Oh, and Have Fun!!!

The more you play with other musicians (in this case guitarists) the more you'll understand how to react when doing improv. Just go with it and keep an open mind. and don't forget to remember all this, you must remember it all, especially everyone else's tips that will follow this post or any that came before. Not to forget any ideas you may receive from other musicians else where, you must remember every single detail, or else!
Just freaggin' play 'n it'll be goods. ;-)
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You put the lime in th....oh wait. wrong concept. Well, I basically agree with what KicknGuitar said. (:
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Without drums or bass on back its you or that other one who make the rhythm, so consentrate on that and let it just flow like EMB said.

When Jamming, I usually start with uber easy chord progression and little by little start vary it while playing... use pauses (incase you do improvised jam), its cool XD. (by that you give space to other instrument which makes the whole jam sound more interesting.)
29 Apr 2010 02:36 | Quote
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Dude, practice before hand, choose what songs to play when you meet, discuss it in person; music is a pratical thing after all.

Yeah, jamming is great fun. The bass and drums have to tie in with each other, really work together to keep the beat tight. The bass players are also what usually defines the key of the song, whereas the guitar emphesises that key with a melodic phrase to go over it.

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