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What do you think about the singing on this one?

12 Apr 2010 12:33 | Quote
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I've wanted to sing (and play) for a long time now but I was always afraid to ask somebody for their opinion on my singing cause I was so afraid I'd be embarrassed by my awfulness. Now I just don't care about that since I think I can only get better if I (or you) see my mistakes and then try to fix them.
So I quickly recorded a cover of "Don't Look Back in Anger" so I can ask you guys what you think about it. But please be as honest as you can with me. I mean, I can have anybody to tell me it's alright but that's not going to get me very far, you know, so hit.
I just hope I can delete the post if I see it's too terrible. LOL!

Oh, and I know I messed up some chords but I was reading the tabs, anyway, I don't know them by heart. Don't mind the playing, it's just the singing I'd like to know about.

If anybody feels like putting on their videos so we can review their singing, I don't mind at all, so please do that.

Thank you in advance.

12 Apr 2010 15:18 | Quote
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It was accurate, but you lost the key with the voice. Your playing was good imo and nicely timed to voice, so focusing to singing techniques could be a good next step.

Cheers m8
12 Apr 2010 15:30 | Quote
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Yeah, now that I listened to it again I definitely lost key. :S ***e.
Thanks for the review. That was very kind of you. :D
12 Apr 2010 20:31 | Quote
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Pretty good dude. Like emp said, work on staying in key. Sounded kinda like Oasis. Well, the guy who did wonderwall at least haha. Thats the only song I know by them. But yeah, pretty good man.

12 Apr 2010 21:07 | Quote
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Every guitarist knows wonderwall... no questions XD

But as for Mic here ;)
not bad man, I'm pretty jealous that you can sing and play an entire song(I can only attempt ONE of the two :P)
You seemed to be fairly comfortable doing both so keep it up man, you'd make an awesome Lead singer/rhythm guitarist :D
But yes, you did seem to waver a bit in the area of singing in key :P that just takes some training and practice though, as with most things. You sounded a little "scared"(for lack of a better term) though at first, then you seemed to loosen up a little bit and seemed to be more relaxed.
But dude, just keep working at it ;) You've already got a fairly solid base to work with and build upon.
13 Apr 2010 08:59 | Quote
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it was alright, but I think your voice would match (for example) a Bob Dylan song better.
13 Apr 2010 10:47 | Quote
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Thanks for your time, guys.

@Ozzfan: Maybe you should listen to some other Oasis' songs as well. They're rather nice. I'd suggest this one or "Champagne Supernova" for a start.

LOL@ Casey: I actually don't know "Wonderwall". A girl from school was actually surprised I couldn't play it one day when of my mates had his guitar at school so she posted a link to the tabs on my Facebook wall as soon as she got home.

Yeah, I probably did sound "scared" (lack of better term, too, LOL) and I usually do if I'm started singing right away cause I'm afraid I might be singing in a totally different key. Than I relax as I see it's not that bad.
And thanks again, all four of you are making me not want to quit on this.

@DarkRiff: I don't usually go with the "my voice would match this guy or that guy" thing because I don't think that's not gonna help me much, you know. I (but usually some other people) might think I'm singing the song better only because my voice is similar to the sound of the original artist and that's not very good.

But what are my flaws (except the obvious one we've mentioned)? You know, what do you think I should work on more? Practice and maybe a professional teacher (only practice for me right now, later perhaps) would probably do with the singing in key but there's surely other things I need to fix and I thought maybe some one here could help me out since I don't know much "theory" about singing.
13 Apr 2010 10:48 | Quote
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Oh, and I just realized my avatar looks so bad-ass. (H) LOL!

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