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4 Jul 2009 20:28 | Quote
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I believe that this band has the potential to popularize rock.

Guitar: Joe Satriani
Bass: Michael Anthony
Vocals: Sammy Hagar
Drums: Will Ferrel... err... Chad Smith

Has anybody heard any of their stuff yet?

4 Jul 2009 21:02 | Quote
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yea, it's cool but i've never liked Hagar, I only listen to it for Satriani and Smith.
5 Jul 2009 03:55 | Quote
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Haha I don't like Hagar's singing either although he seems like a chill cat. I think Van Halen sucked nard with him as singer though(sorry, had to say it).

Not a fan of Satriani either but I haven't listened to too much of his work. I think Vai should replace Satriani, Anthony, David Lee Roth replaces Hagar, and Smith as himself would have been the best lineup.

Haha, he does look like Will Ferrel, nobody else agreed with me!
Actually, they all could pass for Ferrel except Satriani.
5 Jul 2009 13:49 | Quote
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You need to check out GHS3

Frank Gambale - Guitar

Stuart Hamm - Bass

Steve Smith - Drums

They own. Their album "Show Me What You Can Do" is the best, and "Bad Intent" is the best song on there :D

And also check out the band "Liquid Trio Experiment"

Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Tony Levin - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums

You have to listen to these guys, they're just amazing.
5 Jul 2009 14:00 | Quote
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Mike Portnoy is cool
5 Jul 2009 21:07 | Quote
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My brother and I went to a Chili Peppers concert a few years ago in St. Paul and the first thing he said was "what the hell is Will Ferrell playing drums for?" I almost cried, some funny stuff.
6 Jul 2009 07:42 | Quote
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JazzMaverick says:
And also check out the band "Liquid Trio Experiment"

If you like them, check out liquid tension experiment. Pretty much the same band but with john pettrucci.
6 Jul 2009 23:25 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
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Yeah, I listen to them too. I love my music. :)

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