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anyone here have an xbox live account?

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17 Apr 2009 05:48 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jan 2009
United States
just wondering. I love playing xbox live when im not playing guitar and i'd prefer to play with someone that has set up a match beforehand rather then just going to matchmaking and put with random people.

if anyone has rock band or any guitar heroes, let me know!
17 Apr 2009 08:40 | Quote
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United States
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I didn't know that guitar hero was online... >.<

Ill see if I can even get online with my guitar hero and I'll get bck to you... I usually just play CoD.
17 Apr 2009 10:08 | Quote
Joined: 13 Apr 2009
United States
Karma: 3
i got an account and ive got halo, cod4 and 5 rock band 2 and gh metallica
17 Apr 2009 10:45 | Quote
Joined: 22 Feb 2008
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I do only got: Skate, CoD4, GTA4 and GoW for online -.-
18 Apr 2009 18:01 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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You guys need to get some games!!!! You're missing out!! Be warned, the nerd of all nerds has join this convo! :P

Strife, it's been ages since you've been posting on the site, welcome back!

Don't worry guys, Strife and I will introduce you into the world of Final Fantasy, where everything is possible :D
18 Apr 2009 23:32 | Quote
Joined: 18 Jan 2009
United States
Ive got Halo, Cod 4 and 5, Skate 1 and 2, and others. My gamertag is Gonzo Al 420
19 Apr 2009 10:46 | Quote
Joined: 15 Apr 2009
United States
Karma: 1
I have preatty much every game but my Xbox is broke. My gamertag is Gill555
20 Apr 2009 02:37 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jan 2009
United States
anybody that has xbox live and has any guitar hero's or rock band 2 should post their gamer tag so i can add you and play.
20 Apr 2009 04:30 | Quote
Joined: 03 Feb 2008
United States
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Karma: 7
Yay im not the only one! I am a game nerd and have been since sega genesis. But I have live my gt is Snoewhite9.

I mostly play Chromehounds, COD: WaW, COD4, gears of war 2, halo 3, and splinter cell chaos theory (yeah old but addictive versus mode!). I preordered Battlestations Pacific, so I will have that May 13. Im online from 10:00 pm to 4:00am mountain time; mainly because of my job and class hours.
3 May 2009 20:17 | Quote
Joined: 23 Mar 2009
United States

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