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27 Jan 2009 13:51 | Quote
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i have been looking at getting a nice solid-state amp for me cleans the amp i have been looking into is the "Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amp" but i have heard sum mixed reviews about it being noisy. just wondering if it want to twain like the pedals in the late 1990s that and if any one has played it.

but like i said i'm looking for a no frills(meaning no modeling/effects[jc-120 got chorus but it's true chorus]) soil-state amp for nice cleans i have also been looking at the fender jazz king anyone play that and any other suggestions would be welcomed
27 Jan 2009 15:17 | Quote
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The best thing to do is find a way to play it before you buy it, that way you know if you like the way it sounds with your equipment. :D

I haven't played this amp myself, so I can't say too much on this. But my Jazz-sempai loves it. Tell me how it plays though, and I might look into it myself :D
27 Jan 2009 15:28 | Quote
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I tried a little of 140 w fender jazz king and its tone was brilliant, very nice reverb and limiter on it too.

I dont know much of that roland, but I know that is a very famous amp, chosen by countless of Jazz virtuosos. For me that seems the hard case to choose :P.
1 Feb 2009 07:46 | Quote
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for the money that would be spent on the jc-120 i would seriously take a look into the fender frontman series.very nice clean channels.
2 Feb 2009 11:06 | Quote
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I bought a Carvin SX-200C solid state 100w amp and the clean tone is freakin' awesome. The dirty tone is pretty decent as well, but for the price the clean tone is a great buy! It's dual channel with a single or double input, tones are set to -10, so 10 is really +5 and 0 is really -5. which is cool because it allows you to "scoop" your tone. plus both channels include a presence knob and the amp has a classy "tube light" which just looks cool.

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