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The major scale

Music Theory
20 Jan 2009 15:49 | Quote
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I'm having trouble getting out of the "mode" mind set when it comes to the major scale any ideas?
20 Jan 2009 16:08 | Quote
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what u mean?
20 Jan 2009 16:24 | Quote
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Why would you NOT want to see the major scale in modes? It's the best way to look at it, it opens up so many different avenues for you to experiment with!

21 Jan 2009 06:02 | Quote
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Ageed, plus the more you can see the easier it is to freely mess around! Add arpeggios in there for each mode and it'll become even better! :D
25 Jan 2009 10:51 | Quote
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well for starters you can practice going up the fret board with one mode and going down with another. this was in the jazz theory book jazzmaverick had recommended to me. but when i want to practice modes, another thing i do is write a progression or find one with alterations like a chord in thats in Bb major but it has a E natural alteration, like Dm(natural)9. you know what i'm saying?
25 Jan 2009 11:00 | Quote
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Well... I personally do not have a skill and knowledge add anything else :)

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