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les_paul Karma (11)


Who Why Date
NotimBecuse your just a cool, brother01.27.2012
gshredder2112your poem sums up the forum,and he is a christian.04.10.2011
btimmNice poem dude!04.10.2011
DarkRiffkarma never existed, only crowns in heaven. keep on rockin' for the big guy in the sky04.16.2010
Domigan_LeftyBecause youre awesome10.25.2009
Guitarslinger124Always willing to share knowledge and ready to learn more. Rock on man.05.25.2009
HeatherThanks for the advice. I appriciate it!04.05.2009
future_god_of_the_axeim gunna name my kids lynyrd and skynyrd!12.09.2008
EmpirismNice Speed, strenght and finger accuracy lesson.08.04.2008
EMB5490skynyrd baby skynyrd!07.05.2008
foogeredWell said.07.04.2008
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