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singin lessons

9 Jan 2009 11:02 | Quote
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.. yep, finally startin... im gonna go with this friend of mine. she has a great voice, she sings anything you tell her to, the song from titanic is the most representative ive heard from her, any pop song, rock. opera... ok. anyone has any doubt or wants to know something about singin, ill ask her, ill go every tuesday.. just wanted to share this with you, so you can also take advantage of this
9 Jan 2009 11:30 | Quote
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post some tips if you get the chance
9 Jan 2009 12:47 | Quote
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1st how you open your voice effectively
2nd If she knows anything about effects chains used on vocal tracks (and what she prefers)
3rd how to get dynamics to voice.
4th any useful tips :P
9 Jan 2009 13:51 | Quote
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1st, 3rd and 4th can all be answered within my singing Tips lesson! :D

It's down to practice for all of these, keep working on the exercises, for dynamics, continue to do what is written in the lesson and get louder and softer. THEN practice to a song, but only after you do at least a few exercises.

If you jump into a song, you'll strain your voice and weaken it.

9 Jan 2009 14:38 | Quote
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@ Emp - I just drink some soda, then scream into a pillow. lol. Seriously, it works. At least for me haha.
10 Apr 2009 14:38 | Quote
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I need to improve my singing....I'm worried that I'll never be able to sing...
10 Apr 2009 14:58 | Quote
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check out jazzy's lesson, and if you can find a teacher. i was in choir for 4 years, then my voice changed and i quit lol. kinda to bad i did tho
10 Apr 2009 16:12 | Quote
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Yeah, idk. I feel like I have trouble reaching both the high notes and the low notes. I have to improve that.

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