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2 Jan 2009 14:16 | Quote
Joined: 01 Jan 2009
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I just was about to submit a long @$$ lesson about modulation and secondary dominate and diminished chords, and my laptop died. I ran to plug it in, after a couple of minutes of recharging I was hoping that it would recover the page, just so this didn't have to be the second time a whole lesson of mine gets erased. When I press the power button, there it is, the page was still there. I was super happy. Since the lesson was already done (after writing it for 2 hours), I pressed preview. All I read after that was "not connected to the internet". After that I remembered my computer always loses a connection after it's battery dies.

I try not to panic, I fixed the connection and pressed the "back" button. Still I read "not connected to the internet". Now I'm starting to panic because this was the page I had my lesson typed on. So I went ahead and took a shot a fixing the internet again (I figured I put in the wrong password for our wireless network). It was fixed. I reloaded the page, and the site tells me that I'm not logged in. I log in and it brings me to the home page. I even check to see if my lesson was in the category of unfinished lessons, and it wasn't.

That just made my day... a waste of time..
2 Jan 2009 14:27 | Quote
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The same thing happened to me. If I spend a long time on a topic or lesson then try to go back to the home page it logs me out. I spent a couple of hours writing a lesson then when I hit preview it told me I wasn't logged in. Lost everything I had wrote and had to do it all again. I know it sucks. I just started saving my lesson about every ten or fifteen minutes.
2 Jan 2009 15:42 | Quote
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Copy everything to notepad man!!
2 Jan 2009 15:42 | Quote
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RelaxedDude says:
Copy everything to notepad man!!

yeah, or just write it down on notepad in the first place
2 Jan 2009 16:55 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
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I always write my stuff in word and copy to note pad then to the site.

Damn computer gremlins.

2 Jan 2009 18:14 | Quote
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That's happened to me far too many times, SOMEHOW I kept my cool. What you should do is always copy what you've written, paragraph by paragraph, so in the case of it happening again it'll be backed up.
2 Jan 2009 18:54 | Quote
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2 Jan 2009 21:52 | Quote
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TAB, your begginin to tire me....
what a day.. thats why i use a cpu, and why i dont write lessons, besides my lack of knowledge and motivation

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