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So, I wanna learn how to mix and master

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14 Oct 2008 03:30 | Quote
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If I start distributing my music, I don't wanna pay to have it mixed and mastered. Where should I start if I want to learn how to mix and master?
14 Oct 2008 07:19 | Quote
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I don't know where you live in the states, but if your looking for education there is a REALLY good recording school here in ohio. they teach you everything to know about recording and then some. you get licensed and it can apply to college credits. i know a few people who went there and got great recording jobs or started their own studios.
14 Oct 2008 09:57 | Quote
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The basics; volume control, which port goes where, the wires needed, which program you plan to use, what mixing board you want and how many tracks you want on it.

There are loads of things online, that's how I started learning. Though I didn't need them anymore so I deleted them from my favourites, apologies.

You can either learn, or befriend a Mix and master dude.
14 Oct 2008 10:05 | Quote
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I know 2 sound guys personally who I work with from time to time. I can find my way around a soundboard, but I'm not sure I'm that great at mixing and what not.
14 Oct 2008 11:46 | Quote
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For the mastering get T-rackS http://www.t-racks.com/Main.html?prod_TR_VS

Mixing I could say that you should start to learning compressor and equalizers. First thing when learning compressors, limiters and equalizers is that you know what happens from every knob.

Then use your ears (most important thing), When mixing or mastering, its recommended that you dont use headphones, its bad for your ears in long run. Panorating and effect chains are also very important, but they come after first things...again. Compressor, Equalizer and limiter (multiband limiter).

Volume levels in mixing are very important, try to get those as close to 0 to -2 db. if it go over 0 db, it will do wrong things when mastering.

hope this get you little started.

14 Oct 2008 14:18 | Quote
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Mixing and mastering take time a practice. I made a lot of crappy demoís before I got the hang of things. But Iím still no master but Iím usually happy with how they turn out.

The best thing to do is practice and try new things. I used to record analog only on an old cassette 4 track then moved digitally. It really gave me a lot of room to experiment. Youíll find techniques that you will really like.

Donít get in a rush to record, take your time and do it right but donít take too much time, like me Iím so anal and a perfectionist that I never really get anything done.
14 Oct 2008 17:45 | Quote
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Man my mixing skills......wait...I have no mixing skills. It takes too much time from writing songs. Luckily, my cousin is really good with soundboards and when I record a demo, I will let him mix it. He probably wont charge me either.

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