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guitar pro 5.

Instruments and Gear
7 Oct 2008 14:05 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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anyone got any experience with this?

is it a good program for working on scores?

any better alternatives?

thanks in advance
7 Oct 2008 14:45 | Quote
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-"is there anyone who doesn't have any experience with it?" would be a much more appropriate question on this forum.:P

-yeah, it's a decent program for working on scores, but it does have it's limitations of course.

-Depends on what you want from a program really. If you're just gonna use it for writing scores, than Audio score pro 3.
7 Oct 2008 14:57 | Quote
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For writing scores for lots of instruments other than guitar, e.g. orchestral scores you would be much better getting sibelius or finale. But as a guitar program it's really good, plus virtually all tabs you download off the internet are in guitar pro format these days anyway.

7 Oct 2008 15:00 | Quote
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What, you mean actual notation scores? If you mean actual notation, Sibelius would be the best program for writing it like that.

Tab isn't a score, just so you know.

Guitar Pro is annoying in my opinion, but way better than powertab.
7 Oct 2008 15:50 | Quote
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i downloaded the trial version (which u might want to try) and tried it, didnt know how time signatures worked and gave up
7 Oct 2008 16:41 | Quote
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i have a pirate buddy that gave it to me for free, i might be able to figure out where to get it if your interested.
7 Oct 2008 18:40 | Quote
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Well, it's not hard to figure out - you could probably find a torrent for it easily.
7 Oct 2008 19:04 | Quote
Joined: 03 Oct 2008
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I've got it downloaded to my mac and it's great for importing tabs to learn songs. You can read the tab and listen. The only problem is that it's kinda buggy if you dont have at least 2gb of ram and a fast processer. I've got a G5 Mac and works ok.
12 Oct 2008 09:59 | Quote
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I found recently a program called TuxGuitar, that's basically like GuitarPro. You can get the full version for free, and legally. :P

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