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A chord

13 Jul 2008 00:43 | Quote
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Just a stupid question, how do you play your A chord? Do you bar it with your first finger or do you use three fingers? I learned to bar it but now I am thinking maybe that isn't the best way to play it. It kinda makes it hard to change to some chords really fast. Like I said stupid question just curious.
13 Jul 2008 01:01 | Quote
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I bar it, because I don't usually use basic chords down there unless its for a resolution.
13 Jul 2008 01:09 | Quote
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3 fingers, when I bar it I have a hard time not hitting the high E string with my finger. Most of the chords I play require three or four fingers, so if I use 3 fingers for the A chord it's a lot easier for me to transition into another chord.
13 Jul 2008 02:26 | Quote
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Umm.. 2 fingers here xD

Usually I play with power chords but,
when I play acoustic i founded it little easier to play with bars.
13 Jul 2008 03:28 | Quote
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First three fingers usually. Sometimes fingers 2-3 &4 if I need a quick change to F (bar E first fret)as in ie. 'Peggy Sue'.
Always best to keep your options open :)
13 Jul 2008 08:43 | Quote
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13 Jul 2008 09:14 | Quote
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Yes Skold, but do you fret it with 3 fingers or with a barre.

Personally I use 3 fingers.
13 Jul 2008 09:44 | Quote
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Three fingers for the A but as soon as i move up the neck i use the bar ie B
13 Jul 2008 15:25 | Quote
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First 3 fingers - if you barre it then you can end up hitting the F# above on the E string which creates an Amaj6 chord, or as I like to call it 'the daytime soap opera chord'. It's best to use 3 fingers because if you hit the open E string above you're still playing the 5th of the chord anyway, so there's no problem.

13 Jul 2008 15:55 | Quote
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@ Afro,
That's bad, talkin bout the EMB behind his back, I'm tellin!
LOL, Don't mess with the grandma tho, she drives a vet ya know. Prob tougher than both of us put together! Anyway, he would have wanted it that way, the poor little fella. I miss him already, sufferin on the ocean in Florida with all those semi naked babes, playin his guitar on the beach and singin love songs to the little tarts. I HATE HIM!

Damn i put this in the wrong post Shit what was that chord Amaj6, seems to fit now that i screwed up!

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