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blackholesun Karma (11)


Who Why Date
MiciEverything all the other guys said, just better!11.02.2009
jcb3000Great guy, introduced me to Exeter Uni09.06.2009
EmpirismGreat dude, even better mod.01.30.2009
RAfor understanding01.28.2009
telecraterfor dealing with skold in the way you did, thanks01.04.2009
JazzMaverickGood friend and great to chat to. :D12.19.2008
Heatherfor being helpful09.22.2008
goodtunesfor pointing out that from b to c was just a half step. that escaped my attention until then and now other things make more sense06.27.2008
BodomBeachTerrorhas most karma D= .... and this isnt helping me any =p06.18.2008
Nutter166Good advice!06.18.2008
GuitarBoy666Well I guess it does mean I owe you a point :D Here ya go haha06.17.2008
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