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19 Feb 2008 22:59 | Quote
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any place for uploading songs without losing rights??
21 Feb 2008 19:13 | Quote
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Good question. I always wondered if anyone could legally take my songs if I uploaded them. How does one protect ones songs? I know about copyright, but is that the only way?
21 Feb 2008 21:28 | Quote
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yea copyright is pretty much the only way...but you could...and god i hope there arent any government officials on this site....lie about a copyright...tell people your songs are copyrighted even if they arent...most people are too scared to steal people music because getting busted stealing copyrighted stuff could put you into a huge debt in a jiffy. the music industry is a huge bowl of money. so when you steal music, you are liable for that huge bowl of money...you could sue someone crazy amounts of money for stealing copyrighted music.
21 Feb 2008 21:50 | Quote
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is someone stole one of my songs, i think i would throw a party. i would be so happy that someone thought my art was worth reproducing. theft is the ultimate form of flattery.

The music industry is changing big time. you have a choice to either embrace the change or become irrelivent. gone are the days of camping out and stocking some A&R guy from a major label. those guys/gals are not scouring the internet looking for a buzz not waiting for the buzz to find them. besides musicans make money by performing not selling cd's.

if your worried about not getting credit for your songs then look at the creative commons license. also by posting a song on a website it would be time stamped by the date it was uploaded. this is evidence enough to busting hack/crackers for breaking into a web server it should be enough to prove who came up with the music first.

regardless you should post your music, if you don't then no one will ever hear it. if no one hears it then no one will ask to play it or record it. and you will never get credit for it because no one herd it.

if a tree fall in a forest and no one is there does it still make a sound?

if a song is written and never played will it ever be herd?

I know i'm going to get crap for this so let it rip
21 Feb 2008 21:57 | Quote
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Nope I think you are right. If you post it then it's time stamped. All you should need to prove the song is yours.
22 Feb 2008 17:30 | Quote
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... i posted because a friends band has their songs on myspace n while searchinghow to do that, i found a forum that said so.... then i realized that most websites that offer you to upload thingsgain the rights of it... and i really, like never before would be pissed off if someone else gets the credit for my songs

n i dont know anything about laws.... so i dont wanna get into it a lot....

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