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good players or good performers??

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12 Feb 2008 21:11 | Quote
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u decide

12 Feb 2008 22:31 | Quote
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So I'm a looser...I'm sitting at home on a Friday night watching a bunch of nothing on T.V. I come across Austin City limits and Coldplay was on. I have never liked them but i really enjoyed there show. i went on line downloaded there music collection, which i was not impressed with except for this performance. I'm not sure if this is what your looking for.
12 Feb 2008 22:59 | Quote
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Assuming you are talking about concerts...the performance is a larger part than the talents of the performers...of course if the players are just horrible than the performance will suck too. I recently went to a Night Wish concert, and i'm not a huge fan of their music, but their performance was incredible i and enjoyed myself very much. But then i went to a see steve vai, and not only did the performance kick ass...but well, you know...it was steve fucking vai! prolly one the best shows ive ever been to.
13 Feb 2008 02:45 | Quote
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Good players. It is hard to find a good performance nowadays. Acrobatics and lights does not neccesarily mean it's a good performance. Its mostly about the music. Iron Maiden has some good performances. I've been to some Santana concerts that are really good. The crowd really gets into the music and starts lighting the reefer. I don't like those bands that drastically change their solos that they sound like crap.
13 Feb 2008 14:13 | Quote
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Smokin refer...I know get it
15 Feb 2008 15:39 | Quote
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well... ive had 2 bands.. in one we were all great players, i mean we did practice a lot and in the other one, I was able to turn on the people even if we played a really bad and offtune....
15 Feb 2008 16:10 | Quote
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To me, stage presence is just as important as skill.

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