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27 Dec 2012 08:12 | Quote
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I have a question for you all about a few DAWs. Namely: Audacity, pro Tools SE, and Reaper. I currently have Audacity since it is free, but I have read that you cannot use 3rd party plug-ins with Audacity. There is a Midi Keyboard that I was looking at and it comes with Pro Tools SE. However, I have read that the SE version seems to have issues with the Windows 7 platform. Reaper seems to be getting solid reviews and is priced reasonably for my purposes ($60). Basically, do you have experience with these pieces of software? And what is your tale? The other versions of Pro Tools are definitely put of my price range.
27 Dec 2012 09:29 | Quote
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With reaper the free trial has no time limit, they state they would like you to pay but aren't in the business of making you pay. My advice would be to try out reaper on trial and use that to make your decision and then pay if you feel generous
27 Dec 2012 09:34 | Quote
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Have you used reaper?
29 Dec 2012 07:17 | Quote
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btimm says:
Basically, do you have experience with these pieces of software? And what is your tale? The other versions of Pro Tools are definitely put of my price range.

Oh Man.

I could write a freaking essay on this (it IS part of my Business after all)

I will save the 'tech talk' for when it's needed or (lol) asked for.

Pro Tools is nice in a studio equipped with a nice Pro Tools Board(Mix) where you can access both Outboard gear and "in"board Gear such as Waves Ltd Plug ins. its OK for 'smaller use' (home studio) BUT is, IMO too much hassle.

Apple Logic was nice (only Macs)but it has been kinda overshadowed by the new ..
and what I use (professionally)
Cubase is Multi-platform, LOVES Waves Ltd Plug-ins, is STABLE, etc etc
and now has stolen Logic's No2 spot in professional use polls in the industry.
I currently run a host of stuff I'll not get into (other DAWS, etc) but i will firmly cast a knowledgeable vote for Cubase.

Right now I run Cubase 6.5 (my Cubase 7 update not here) and use Waves plugs (Basically Mercury Bundle w/ The Sig Bundles etc) to record (at times) mix and (mainly) Master.
The recording functionality is amazing ...
Mixing is a joy....
Mastering (the part i do Professionally, most) is much quicker as it has intelligent plug-chains and such.

But you ain't gonna Master anything (i don't think anyways) so I'll not go into that, except to say its been sweet enough (w/ Plugs) in its work-flow to get a Mix from Sony/JVC (Japan) download, Master, and send back a Master they consider4 worthy of a healthy Check.
(that ^^ says a lot about it from my side of the glass)

Fore Recording , its unmatched in its ease, seriously, i hate computers, BUT ...i can use Cubase and not lose my mind.
The sends and returns can be bussed and bussed again to how ever many master-buses you could ever want....all channels have many drop downs for Plug Ins, and about every other action.
HOLD off and get Cubase 7 , the Mix section has been modified to be scalable and more easy to read.

Here is the BIG deal.
1st off , don't sweat Plug-ins, Base has some nice plugs already, i simply prefer Waves Plugs, that's all.

Go for the FULL version.

I hear a LOT of folks kick and scream about the price.
Its a great price! ...it really is.
The thing is most of these folks bought some 'lite' version of something else and now are angry that they wasted the 250 bucks they thought they were saving. You will outgrow those tinker-toy type programs in a few months. The few months you could have been saving more money for a product that is rock solid, industry standard, pro-grade...etc

In other words 'ya get what ya pay for' (as always)

anyways i run:
Cubase 7 (workhouse - can do all)
Sound Forge Pro 10 (CAN rec/etc, BUT I Use as a final mastering platform post Cubase)
Acid Pro 7 (Commercials etc..)
CD-Architect (obvious Orange-Book Burn)
Reason (very seldom) (again mainly commercials)
Waves Ltd Plugs (pretty much all but the restoration bundle)

there is no need to get that complicated YET, it took me lol 35+ years of pain to 'need" this stuff lol

My easy Fix?

1 - PreSonus Fire-studio (8-in)
1 - Cubase 7

If you already have a good IN-Box then ya just "need" Cubase.

and a studio, esp a start up, aint right w/out a few Shure 58's and 57's :)
(you'll snag 'better" mics later...these two NEVER 'go outta style' so to speak.

Hope that helps.


31 Dec 2012 00:25 | Quote
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I agree with Carl, that Cubase is what every composer professional or a amateur a like wants. Its best out there, easily. If price seems heavy, you always could compare it to all the hardwares that produce actaully "almost" same thing... price of Cubase you not even to get started what comes to studio equipments...

I wish to add the list Kristal audio engine


it's free, support 2 vsti in one track. It doesnt support all virtual effects out there because it dont have DX:i support, but its free so you can always give it a go.

for free plugins and also commercial ones I strongly suggest to check out...and BROWSE, but a warning. Spare for browsing a little time, because its a pandoras box.


best source of any information about virtual studio technology site on web, believe me. Ill check em all :D

6 Jan 2013 22:22 | Quote
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Well, I have been messing around with Reaper a bit, it is frustrating starting out, trying to learn the ins and outs of recording. For example, trying to figure out how to disable my laptop mic and how to enable the audio to stream through my headphones (when I am recording a second track) has been a pain my side. But I expected this with learning to record, so it's not that big of a deal.

I definitely will end up with Cubase eventually, but for now, while learning, I just can't afford to drop that type of coin. Seems down the road, I will end up going with Cubase though.

Thanks for these tips, they have been really nice to read and get the insight of others out there! I have always believed that you need to research things yourself, but also that advice of others with experience is just so valuable. Why make mistakes that others have made before you? You gotta put in the effort to learn no doubt, but not learning from others' experience seems so sad.

Thanks again guys!
7 Jan 2013 10:16 | Quote
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You can pick up a light, and I use that term loosely because the guys at cakewalk don't understand what “light" means (and that's a good thing), version of cakewalk home studio for about 50 bones last time I checked. I think that whatever the light versions lack in MIDI or VST capabilities, they make up for with user friendliness. They give you some really good deals considering that full CHS versions all cost a pretty penny.

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