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Naming songs with no lyrics

14 Jan 2012 14:16 | Quote
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So what do they do lol? i have some ideas but i want to know what you guys think
14 Jan 2012 17:27 | Quote
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Listen to the song over and over-think of what it makes you think of. Take the riffs, solos, etc. and try to picture a film in your mind and think about what words would best describe what you(YOU) feel the song should be called. There's no right or wrong answer, just what you think the song should be called.
14 Jan 2012 22:34 | Quote
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listen to it, think of how it makes you feel, what it reminds you of, then name it, :)
15 Jan 2012 03:11 | Quote
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Mezzie says:
So what do they do lol? i have some ideas but i want to know what you guys think

So Mezzie, are these songs that should have lyrics that you have not written or instrumental tunes.

My un-named lyric songs are called "Untitled #XX" until i come up with a title. And then the title changes several times.

I've always had ideas for instrumentals. I will usually have the title before i have fleshed out any phrasing. That is my inspiration to try and evoke that emotion. My skills are not at a level I'm comfortable with instrumentals so my ideas stay in my notebook for now.
15 Jan 2012 06:21 | Quote
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I usually take the name from what feelings the song inspires in me, what a source of inspiration was.
23 Jan 2012 15:22 | Quote
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I definately agree feeling based ideas, but there is also an theoretical approach too. See how they name it in classical music forexample like...

Air on a G string - Bach
Symphony no.5 in C minor - Beethoven.
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor - Bach again
Minuet In G - Beethoven again...

23 Jan 2012 16:00 | Quote
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Hmmm instrumental songs have distinct colors. Name the the song for
the feeling it gives or the mood it sets.
26 Mar 2012 16:01 | Quote
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You can look at Buckethead albums, Population Override for example, every song in this album got a soul and good name i think. I see this world.

If You don't have any idea, just close your eyes and think about world, situation or something you want to transfer in this song.
27 Mar 2012 01:14 | Quote
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you could also just do like "karma to burn". most of their songs are instrumental and are called 1, or 35, 27 etc...

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