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Instrument-Specific licks

10 Jan 2012 10:43 | Quote
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Before I say anything, everyone should know that I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THESE

If the name of the topic isn't clear enough, what I'm saying is that when I come up with a new lick/solo, most of my ideas dont come from traditional guitar licks, they are usually made up from something that I hear on a violin or piano.

I just want to know what instrument, if any, do most of your soloing/chord progression ideas come from.
10 Jan 2012 12:10 | Quote
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I play banjo guitar licks, slap guitar,stemming from bass,two handed piano licks,capo at the 12th fret ukelele licks, Bendy slidy pedal-tone pedal steel licks. The koto technique(via eric johnson). Harp style guitar(regular,and harmonics) ...And my personal favorite my wobbly quarter tone bending sitar sounds(since I like shawn lane,and dont have a fretless)... Thats about it except for some clarinet licks.

Gotta be diverse guys (:

13 Jan 2012 12:23 | Quote
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Mostly my soloing ideas come from jammin so it comes from guitar :D. But I do get kicks from saxophone so if I hear good sax it could have effect.
13 Jan 2012 19:57 | Quote
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I don't hear an instrument for, or, as the instrument. I hear the music that the instrument makes. I feel this is true of anyone who has ever listened to music.

Base point-ideas come from anywhere.

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