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9 Jan 2012 06:12 | Quote
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So, I am just getting the hang of tuning, and I popped my B string. that really really sucks. What do I do now, I have no idea how to change the strings let alone get the string out. I have a Fender sonoran nat and i dont know if I should just take it to a music shop, and see how they do it, or try and change them myself....somebody help!
9 Jan 2012 06:49 | Quote
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Definitely change them yourself. Check out youtube for a tutorial of how to do it properly. It's pretty easy after a few times and is almost kinda theraputic to me. lol
9 Jan 2012 11:58 | Quote
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Agreed with Btimm all the way. Even about the therapy part haha it's relaxing to change strings since no one usually bothers you for the half hour that you do it.
To solidify what Btimm said with an old cliche:
"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."
It would save you zillions of bucks in the long run to learn how to do it yourself.
9 Jan 2012 17:53 | Quote
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Over time you want to learn how to do all repairs on your guitar but make sure you know what your doing before attempting ANYTHING.
case211 says:
"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

Teach him to share what he learned with everyone he meets, end world hunger.
10 Jan 2012 01:28 | Quote
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you can also seek out someone to show you. I'm not sure if you know any other guitar players. I know back in the day or even today i'd sit with a newbie and show them the ropes.

A long time ago in a decade far far away (in the early 90's). I learned by watching a local little music store do it. I think i paid $5 extra to have the tech restring my guitar but I stood and watched. This is long before youtube and when the internet was created in notepad, Mac's were called Macintosh and you could still buy vinyl at the music shops. I don't know how many times before that I had wound the strings the wrong way on the posts.

Now I'm feeling really old and am going to wallow in my oldness.

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