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6 Jun 2011 06:15 | Quote
Joined: 25 Jul 2007
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Anyone else get an email from Thumbtack? I just received an email from a person dubbed, "Heather Madison".

This is the email: (the format is a little off cause I copied it from my email.)

Hey there,

I'm reaching out to you because
Thumbtack is getting a lot of job leads
for guitar tutors,
and I'm looking for another guitar tutor
who is interested in taking on more clients.

After checking out your website
I think you are a great fit for
Thumbtack and I'd love to start
sending you job leads. Please
fill out a few details about
your skills and rates, and
I'll start forwarding you
potential new clients.

If you have any questions about
what Thumbtack can provide, please
don't hesitate to ask.


Curious to know if anyone else got this.

Rock on!
6 Jun 2011 10:53 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jul 2009
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Seems spam to me,not even your name in there?
6 Jun 2011 12:29 | Quote
Joined: 26 Feb 2009
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Spamalicious dude. Smells processed
7 Jun 2011 01:54 | Quote
Joined: 25 Jul 2007
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Karma: 38
Aye, that's what I thought.
11 Aug 2011 13:03 | Quote
Joined: 11 Aug 2011
I have been getting these also, and asking for cad designers (like myself). Yes, it seems to be "insert job position here". They used my "ask for more information" link on our website, so there was no name they could direct the mail to. Glad to hear Heather has a last name! ;oD
11 Aug 2011 14:09 | Quote
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Don't go to their websites, don't respond with your information.

These are phishing scams. They will take your information, and do whatever they want with it.

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