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Quality Cables?

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16 May 2011 15:22 | Quote
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I really need the help of some seasoned gigging musicians: I'm always running from place to place with my gear from basement to garage to bar to club and i need cables that wont hum out on me after a month of everyday use. Im willing to spend a few $ for something decent but it seems that high price dosent necessarily equate to hight quality... any tips guys?
16 May 2011 15:28 | Quote
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Planet Waves makes good ones, and I think they come with a lifetime warrenty. But they are a bit more expensive than the average cable
16 May 2011 15:39 | Quote
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Im no seasoned musician,but if i had to reccomend a good cable it would be a brand called hotlines,i know so oldschool giggers who have had the same one for 20+yrs and they are still crystal clear,you can get them at guitar center and such,there about $10-$70 depending on length and the quality of cable you want.But if a brand you probably never heard of.doesnt tickle your fancy,id definently reccomend dimarzio or monster cables,clean sound and durable,name brands,bit pricy,but worth it.my 2 cents.

16 May 2011 15:50 | Quote
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Monster cables, or planetwaves,but yeah Monster is the way to o
16 May 2011 16:17 | Quote
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Live Wire has a lifetime warranty, and they cost less than fancy Monsters, but I cant speak for their longevity as I don't take them out of the house.

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