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shocking news to share

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15 Apr 2011 12:37 | Quote
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I was looking up old friends on facebook. Found one and said hi and asked how his brother was doing. His brother was atually more of a friend than he was. And he tells me that he died. I was sad of course and stupid enough to ask. How did he die? He put a shootgun in his mouth and blew his brains away. Noone saw that coming he said. He didnt even leave a note. Im sort of a little freaked out now. Nothing like that has ever happened to anybody i ever knew before.
15 Apr 2011 12:47 | Quote
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damn dude thats traumatic,its weird when you have a friend whi commits suicide.its happened to me,its best to just try to remeber.em for the good times.dont dwell on the suicide just move on,but dont forget em.
15 Apr 2011 16:25 | Quote
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sorry for your loss man :(
15 Apr 2011 16:40 | Quote
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Very sorry to hear this bit of sad news John. There is nothing anyone can do if someone doesn't want the help so don't punish yourself over it. Like GS says "remember the good times".
15 Apr 2011 17:14 | Quote
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That's terrible man. Sorry to hear it. :(
15 Apr 2011 18:38 | Quote
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Sorry to hear that man. The band I talk about on this site sometimes, Sector Zero, was a dual lead band. Me and my good friend Jeff. We parted ways sometime in the 90's and talked maybe twice on the phone during that decade. He had moved to Texas. I had been trying to find him on the net or facebook forever and then heard about a year or so ago that he and his girlfriend/wife had a suicide pack and killed each other somehow. That's all I know. I have'nt been able to find anything about it since.

Yeah. It does suck. But like everyone says you gotta just move on and remember the good times.

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