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gs2112 question.of the day

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31 Mar 2011 00:09 | Quote
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aight,heres how it works,everyday im going to.post a new question everyday,and y'all gonna answer em,got it? pm.me suggestions for the daily questionsan ill pick.em,you can chose to be anynomous,or not just tell.me and ill.keep.the question you asked secret so.nobody will.know you asked it cept me.
ill start

todays question*
why do.you love music?

31 Mar 2011 00:43 | Quote
Joined: 05 Jun 2010
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a lot of reasons. Variation. Its all different. even the same song played by different people sounds different. you can do a rap version of a country song or a classical version of a metal song or whatever combo your heart desires..The possabilities are endless.

and the emotions it can bring out.

And bye the way gshredder. great idea.
31 Mar 2011 06:09 | Quote
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I think there is nothing in the world which can change the mood of anyone in such a short amount of time. It unites people. It takes me away in my thoughts.

And besides that, I have never met anyone who hates music..or has anyone on here? ^^
31 Mar 2011 07:34 | Quote
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It's a stress reliever. Anytime that I'm pissed off or stressed about something, picking up my guitar for just 20-30 minutes makes me feel so much better. For some reason, when I don't feel like I have the words for something, music can find them for me.
31 Mar 2011 09:10 | Quote
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Emotion. I love the emotion that music can convey.

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