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Music Consumption Questionnaire

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7 Mar 2011 07:34 | Quote
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Hey guys, I know I only seem to come by to throw out a link, but this would be very helpful! It's a questionnaire on music consumption, technology etc. It's part of a module I'm doing at university.


Thanks in advance.
(this wasn't supposed to post in technique, can't move it either...)
7 Mar 2011 08:26 | Quote
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Doz, I fixed the category and went and took the survey.
Took me a few seconds to figure out that i "couldn't "share" a rank between two categories on the last question. example....speed and quality of sound i would rate as a "1". But I made my choices and it's in the bag now.
7 Mar 2011 08:43 | Quote
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Yes, i think the same. for example I had "support for the artist" ranked with a low note, even though I think its at least a 2. But I had other topics which already took that place. Somehow its a bit misleading, because you will probably get a very important point on a low rank because you have just loads of other important factors in there as well!
8 Mar 2011 09:44 | Quote
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I do realise that it's hard to make some decisions on that last question, but it's there for a purpose. I want people to seriously consider music consumption priorities so that the most important factors surface during analysis.

It's not a rating of each factor out of ten, it's a ranking of what is more important. If you say "support for the artist" should be ranked 2nd, then you should rank it 2nd. However, if you put something else ahead of it then it shouldn't be ranked at 2. Wherever you eventually placed it is where it belonged, because you ranked them in that order... and that's kind of the point in ranking them.

Simply; the item at number 2 is the second most important factor during the purchasing of music. If you chose to put something else at 2, then support for the artist is not the second most important factor during the purchasing of music (for you).

Thanks for responding anyway! Feedback is very much welcome!
8 Mar 2011 11:16 | Quote
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I read the whole ranking part before choosing anything, and I basically only seem to care about, supporting the artist, the industry and the sound quality. The other things I just filled in to fill in.
10 Mar 2011 15:45 | Quote
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It is quite cool, I hoped a question how much you listen albums not just streaming... but anyway, soz I left music industry to last spot XD...

3 Apr 2011 16:20 | Quote
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The focus was on streaming and new consumption models, so that's why that question was specific to streaming. I'll probably not do a rating scale questionnaire again; it's complicated to fill in and it's hard to analyse.

Thanks to anyone who did the survey, it helped a lot.

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