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Music Theory
17 Feb 2011 13:40 | Quote
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I'm looking for a book on the most basic level for guitarists who want to learn sheet music, any suggestions?
17 Feb 2011 13:43 | Quote
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jest lern tabz
17 Feb 2011 13:45 | Quote
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i suggest something by mel bay very good for sheett music beginners.
17 Feb 2011 14:25 | Quote
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@ BBT: i and anyone who can count to 22 and say the alphabet up to the letter G can already read tabs.

i want to learn sheet music because there is more to music than just guitars, I'd like to be able to relate what I'm playing to musicians who are classically trained. tabs are great for wanking around in your bedroom but completely useless when you have to show a pianist or a sax player the progression you want them to learn..

plus now I'm teaching a couple of kids my lack of sheet music knowledge is kind of embaressing.

@ Gshredder: ill check out Mel Bay, thanks bud
17 Feb 2011 20:13 | Quote
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@harleyofdoom - I think the same way about music also. I play piano and it is really amazing when you start to get music theory.

I would tell you if you want to understand music over all instruments, I would start with piano. Guitar fine, but piano you can play any range of any work. I know it comes down to money, but a good midi can be 200$ with a good range.

In the mean time try this out, you can do this any time anywhere. Like I do in class.


This site is amazing! it has everything that you will need, just start with the lessons, and move on to the exercise. It great.
17 Feb 2011 20:26 | Quote
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thought you would enjoy this!

18 Feb 2011 20:34 | Quote
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I taught my self how to read using book one. The rest of the books look good too I just never really went all the way through them, no real reason why. that is why the whole thing is linked, but you decide of course.

Just so you know it is/was (don't know anymore, things change [I didn't go if that thought comes to mind]) the text book for Berkley.

what is good about it is it doesn't use familiar melodies/songs forcing you to read not play from finger or just regular memory. That and there not mind numbingly boring and quite listenable.

I would still supplement it with other sheet music. Personally I liked Bach and would play single note stuff or the main melodies. But that would vary form person to person, as this (supplement) is supposed to be the "fun" part. But I would make it more academic rather than silly rock songs, not that it is bad but, one it would most likely get boring and two finding the sheet music. Rock music is better for practicing transcribing skills as less is going on.
4 Jul 2011 05:06 | Quote
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