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"Not As Good"

12 Jan 2011 17:13 | Quote
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This song is called "Not As Good". Tell me what you think!

Verse 1:
We’re not as good
The second time round
We make the same sound

We are generic, over played, over paid, over rated, Ahhhhh!!!
We’re going to Hell!
Sold our souls for the money, several tens, several twenties, Ahhhh!!!
You know what else is funny?

They called us
The saviors of a lost generation
The heralds for a new creation
The advocates for rock-revitalization
Infectious like a sweeping sensation
Too bad, we gave into temptation

Verse 2:
We’re not the same
As when we started
Not as great as was cited

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! We’re Going to Hell! (X4)
12 Jan 2011 17:23 | Quote
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My favorite line was, Infectious like a sweeping sensation, I like it.
12 Jan 2011 17:51 | Quote
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I like it.
12 Jan 2011 20:41 | Quote
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cool, make some music too it and re post!!!
7 Jun 2011 06:36 | Quote
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Greta song... thought that you could put some music to it. www.tabspedia.com
7 Jun 2011 11:47 | Quote
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romval1: grrr.
7 Jun 2011 11:48 | Quote
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@tinyskateboard I know how you feel, is there a way to get him/her banned. All they are is a spambot effectively

Oh yeah btw good lyrics I do feel that the verses should be longer though.
7 Jun 2011 18:33 | Quote
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So I'm not the only one that noticed the continuous tabspedia commercial.
7 Jun 2011 22:14 | Quote
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I have trouble singing the word 'several':)

I like the chorus.

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