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Electric Guitar Shock?

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29 Dec 2010 15:09 | Quote
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I was jamming with my friend for the first time yesterday and she mentioned when she first started guitar her guitar would basically shock her when she would play. and she said her friend had the same problem. but now she doesnt feel the shock anymore. I never experienced a "shock" or "static" whenever ive played. I was wondering is it normal or could there be something wrong with the instrument cable she was using or something?
29 Dec 2010 16:44 | Quote
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not properly grounded is my "diagnosis" for that. Not sure why it would shock someone other than that problem, but when you touch the guitar strings you effectively are a part of the 'circuit' created by your ground wire->pickup->amp. So again I'm guessing that improper grounding would be the issue here, but it could be something messed up inside the amplifier being used.
Alas I'm no expert on this subject, I've just replaced a lot of guitar pickups :P
29 Dec 2010 19:44 | Quote
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The cable might be the problem,on my practice room,i have a fender cable and a normal rug,when i touch certain parts of the guitar while putting my feet on the rug,i can feel static and sometimes a little shock,its kinda annoyin
30 Dec 2010 04:10 | Quote
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I had the same thing happen to me. i agree with case. for me it WAS the ground in my house, i had to get an electrician and redo the whole thing. after that, i never got shocked again.
30 Dec 2010 07:06 | Quote
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I think this happens a lot.

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