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Quest to Electric sound acoustic

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25 Dec 2010 15:15 | Quote
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Helloes, I would like to hear if you have any experiences or tips or ideas to make electric sound as close to acoustic as possible...

I look effectchains and setups to simulate sounding board and "mic setups"... I have couple suitable VST effects that could maybe to do the job, but im still experimenting... well I think you got the idea, let me hear your ideas, thanks.

25 Dec 2010 15:21 | Quote
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Wich vst's you have? Invest on a DIY piezo pickup and install it on you electric,woah!
25 Dec 2010 17:01 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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Well, I have plenty of em... I heard bout those Piezo pickups, but im not sure I wish to modify my guitar.

I have Waves and native bundles... I work on idea where using reverb to very small reverbtime and predelay to simulate sounding board... quite fun actually, but I didnt get satisfying result yet thou

25 Dec 2010 18:51 | Quote
Joined: 10 Jul 2010
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I've been trying the same thing with the same results so let me know if you find a sound you are satisfied with.
25 Dec 2010 23:21 | Quote
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Buy an acoustic. Plug it in. profit.
27 Dec 2010 08:14 | Quote
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I would really suggest investing in the guitar rig program for your computer, not even the newest one. I have the second one which you could probly get for pretty cheap and it's great. I've even got a filter on there where you can put your guitar in a low tuning and it sounds just like a sitar!

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