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3 Dec 2010 15:34 | Quote
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I feel that every generation has felt this at one time or another, that there music is dieing and nothing good is coming out of the music world today. Its sad to see a great band that you love and feel for fall to the way side, But all good things come to in end. Hate saying that, but its true. I miss my 90's, but there is still hope. Keeping my eyes open I have seen the glimmers of light in the darkness. People who have passion like us will fallow their dreams (I hope). Everyday there are bands inspired by Nirvana, Jimmie, and every band you love. I say let main stream flow where they want, what goes around comes around. I hope my kids grow up then so they get a taste of my life and moments. Let us all stand for our passions, turn up the volume so the world know what we like. Keep the music you love alive.
God Bless Peace and Love.
3 Dec 2010 15:35 | Quote
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3 Dec 2010 16:45 | Quote
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Couldn't of said it better myself.
8 Dec 2010 21:10 | Quote
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whoa... deep

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