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stumming patterns

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I know that this has been done but I am trying to figure out different patterns to use with different time signatures. If you all could give me examples of some patterns for 4/4, 3/4/ and 2/4 timing that would be greatly appreciated
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examples of songs or?...

well, AC/DC is suberb example of 4/4 time signature. Dirty Deeds forexample.

3/4 is commonly used in walz

and 2/4 is like marching music have.

Others may explain this better.
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Listen to the drums. Just as the bass player will follow along with the kick, try to follow along with what the drummer is doing with his hands. You can accent your strumming to match the high hat/snare timing. You can even change your strum to match his fills or off time licks. Don't think of strumming as a 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 measure. Think of it as notes whole, half, quarter, eighth.....Just as a you can use multiple notes with a 4/4 time, you can use multiple strums also within the same time signature. Try this... mute the strings while strumming. What you hear should have a rhythmic flow and not just a bunch of metronome sounding clicks. Wish I could add audio to this post I could give some examples. The main thing is DON'T RELY ON THE TIME SIGNATURE ALONE TO GET YOUR FLOW.
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set up a metronome or better than that get a drum track going in any of the time sigs you want to practice and then get the feel for playing along with them. I must stress what Mosh said:
MoshZilla1016 says:

This is especially true when you take into account that everyones timing is going to be different from each others. It usually wont be a huge difference, but the way that you play rhythm's when you write will usually be different in some way than other players rhythms.

I wish I could upload a few examples of riffs that I was working on with my bass player yesterday XD argh!
Practice with a drum track doing the time sig you want, and then find the strum pattern YOU want. You don't need to be in PERFECT time, as long as it is close it won't matter if you 1/64th off from the beat, since like Mosh said, if you have a nice flow and it feels human(rather than exact and perfect like a machine) most people will enjoy it.
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this might be helpful

or confuse you more

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I feel dumber for hearing that but thats me.For example if you heard a tic, it wouldnt be a tic it would be a toc, and if you heard a toc it would be a toc but you would have heard a tic before that....sooo that doesnt mean a tic goes with tock or you would hear a tic before tock it means tic and tock go together and how you put it together is up to you, If you play other peoples music they dont transcribe there own music, they write it and play it. Some moron from a mag and his buddy do that and it allmost never right, Then they sell it! to make money because they are no good at writing music...Ah
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Here's a good example of 3/4 but switching between that and 4/4

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