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Recommended amps

2 Nov 2010 15:25 | Quote
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What is the best amp around 100? I may be getting one for christmas but I don't know which one to get. I like my Avenged Sevenfold, love my metal, funk and other cool things in clean like Classical Gas or Kickapoo. I love a good tone with my Ibanez RG. It would be good if it can play a small school concert too. Help please, thanks in advance,
2 Nov 2010 15:34 | Quote
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Your looking at about 30 watts and a 10-12" speaker. There's a lot of them out there for that price. I would go to my local music store and try an RG off the rack with those amps. My fave is the Roland Cube 40XL. I always play this thing at the guitar center. It has rich tones for all kinds of styles.
2 Nov 2010 16:35 | Quote
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Spider IV 30 watt versions are actually pretty solid amps too man. Takes a bit of work to dial in a tone that you will be happy with, but I played around with one at an open house for my "job" on Sunday and I really enjoyed it. Good metal tones, and you can get a really cool clean tone with it too.
2 Nov 2010 16:38 | Quote
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I agree with case XD
its a good amp
2 Nov 2010 19:22 | Quote
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I really like the Spider IV too. But what I like about the Roland is not having to mess around with it too much to dial in the tone you want. Also, it sounds like a much bigger amp. If you have'nt tried one, do it. You'll be amazed at how big it sounds.

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