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10 Aug 2010 11:46 | Quote
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Hey guys NickelBack fans?
Well you can always go to PeoplesChoice.com to enter in to win i think its a free gibson all you have to do is register with valid info & Make a name for the guitar and NickelBack On August 16th will Pick 3 then the public votes for the 3 :p
I hope that made sense lol
I inserted the name
Idk if it will though :/
10 Aug 2010 17:10 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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I live in England so it'd be kinda hard to go to the LA gig, but I love Nickelback so I did it anyway.

And I named it "Adrenalin" :)

Thanks for sharing this dude!
10 Aug 2010 18:08 | Quote
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With nothing to lose..I called it Animal

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