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book help

26 May 2010 16:29 | Quote
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Hey everyone!
Ive come looking for help
Basicly Im writing this book for Guitar and i need more tips on not what to do with your gutiar in order to keep it in good shape
its like a school project
Anyone got good tips or somthing good that might go in my guitar book?
Its a begginer guitar book so begginers can read it & become more intermediet at guitar.

26 May 2010 16:36 | Quote
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just copy and paste a few lessons =p

jk, i dont have the authority to give you permission to do that. but maybe the people who made them do
26 May 2010 18:19 | Quote
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Ermn - don't try to pick the strings with scissors?? =P

Ha no really I'll try to help. Well I noticed some beginner's I knew (including myself before I really started at the age of 11 - I own up to this daft thing) do these:

1) Didn't tune their guitars with CAUTION. Anyone else get impatient and just keep constantly loosening and then really fastening the strings back up tight so that, not only did ya never actually manage to tune it - but end up very stupidly snapping the strings? No? Okay. Cool. Me neiter... 8-)

/\ Anyway solution to that as we'll know - if you keep tuning too sharp don't get frustrated and kill your poor strings basically. Slowly tune down flatter and gradually tune back up until you got it right.

2nd Don't: ...Never leave it out in the cold. Or your guitar will be sad. Then s/he won't wanna play. FACT...

/\ Solution to that - keep it inside....

I know =) I'm such a smart-case no need to thank me.
26 May 2010 18:40 | Quote
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Heather says:
I'm such a smart-case no need to thank me.

Haha I wouldnt of thanked you anyways ;)
Naw Just kidding I have manners & my manners are telling me to thank you O_O Haha

Im such a lame person

5 Jun 2010 09:15 | Quote
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im sure you can put quotes from other books if you site the source.

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