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does someone know about the jazz scale

4 May 2010 12:03 | Quote
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whats the formula???

ex 1 2 3b 4 7

where do the tones and semitones go??

4 May 2010 12:22 | Quote
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i'm not sure what you are asking???

is 1 2 3b 4 7 the "formula"? or are you asking what the formula for a jazz scale is?

i don't know of a "jazz" scale but i know of a blues scale.

and i know about jazz hands.
4 May 2010 13:01 | Quote
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I don't think there is "the" jazzscale, but here you go for a start


this will get you started
5 May 2010 04:31 | Quote
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I think Jazz, I think Melodic Minor.

Rock on!
6 May 2010 05:59 | Quote
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IF 'Jazz' had a set 'scale', it would cease to BE Jazz.


15 May 2010 00:55 | Quote
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Maybe you're thinking of the Bebop Scale? That basically involves tossing in a chromatic note to another scale. Say, GABCDEF#G, thus you have 4 chromatic notes in a row. :D You can put it in anywhere really, it just depends on what you're doing, generally I use them to move to another chord tone, say you are on an E minor chord, and are holding an E, and the progression moves to an A minor Chord, and you want to move to an A while playing 16th notes. If you don't want to play a note twice, you can throw in a chromatic at either the F#, or the G#. (If you're ascending) If you are descending, you could go E->C->B#->B->A#->A. There are many options, but it is really just a matter of choice, and with time you will figure out what you like. :)

To get the Jazz sound though, you should shift scales according to your chord, or even ignore scales, and work with the chord tones only, and many chromatics used for motion.


Those two should be quite helpful, the first is about changing scales pending on the chord that you're on, and the next is on how to make anything sound Jazzy (well pentatonic, but... :P )

So really, there is no "Jazz Scale" but rather it is a combination of shifting scales and chromatic notes, many beautiful chromatics.

I hope this helped. :) I was kind of rushing this so. :s

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