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Epiphone thunderbird lefty

Instruments and Gear
25 Jan 2010 18:17 | Quote
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i saw a right handed one at guitar center, but i cant play right handed (even after 8 years of trying...) and i cant find any left handed. Anyone know where to find a lefty, or to set a righty for lefty play? or something???
25 Jan 2010 18:46 | Quote
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idk man. Hendrix style might feel weird on a Thunderbird. Just go to the shop and sit with it left handed and see how it feels.
25 Jan 2010 19:44 | Quote
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It could feel like an explorer though too, since it always resembled an explorer to me.
25 Jan 2010 21:34 | Quote
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i did some research and i don't think they make them
26 Jan 2010 15:15 | Quote
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They were made in a small time period (1-2 years), but are not supposed to be rare. Thats all i can find on them.

If they still have the one at guitar center ill check it out again.
Is there a way to move the strap button to the back? Thats the biggest issue.

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