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late 60's guitar sound

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11 Jan 2010 15:31 | Quote
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How do i get that 60's sound on my guitar? I want it to sound Clapton creamie or like the rolling stones. Like in the 60's when the sound wasn't to perfect.

11 Jan 2010 15:41 | Quote
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If you're talking early sixties you need to be looking at a VOX AC30 amp for your tone. Later sixties needs something more powerful, typically a Marshall stack.
Early sixties FX was relatively simple ie spring reverb, Watkins echo chamber etc.
Later sixties introduced the wahwah and fuzz box.
Early sixties guitars leaned more towards the semi hollow type, later 60's more towards solids.
Can't think of much else to tell you really, hope this helps.


This should help!
11 Jan 2010 20:41 | Quote
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vox ac15 or ac30, hollowbodies, vintage pickups help to
11 Jan 2010 22:07 | Quote
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Idk what sound you SPECIFICALLY want, but going on the lightest distortion channel and turning the gain as low as it'll go gives a really nice clean tone for me. Make sure you do that on the neck pickup too or it'll still distort. and if you want to do a solo like that, just switch it to the bridge.

12 Jan 2010 19:35 | Quote
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Here's an interesting interview with Clapton (1968):


My older brother (a guitarist) went to a Cream concert in Montreal in 1968 (or there abouts).... He said Clapton was playing a Les Paul Black Beauty...Marshal amps... he thought everything on full (bass, treble, midrange, etc.)

A note: 'the '60's' had more innovation of sound than all the years since put together. Think 'the Venturers, Beatles, Hendrix, etc'. It's hard to equate the sound of the Beach Boys with that of Steppenwolf.

3 Mar 2010 18:22 | Quote
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I agree with the VOX AC30 comments. My girlfriend got me a VOX AC30 plug-in headphone amp for Christmas and it rocks! She's a keeper ;) They're $40 (U.S.) and there are 4 or 5 different models (the amps, not the girl). Bring a good quality set of headphones and your axe to the store and try them all. You won't be disappointed. I can get lots of great Clapton sounds out of my 'Paul and Strat.
3 Mar 2010 18:32 | Quote
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ac30 if you wana go "cheap" thats your best option. if you wanaa spend tons buy a vintage 50s fender! haha
4 Mar 2010 07:09 | Quote
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EMB5490 says:
ac30 if you wana go "cheap" thats your best option. if you wanaa spend tons buy a vintage 50s fender! haha

and fer 60's (no decent monitors etc) that'd = '65 Fender Twin


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