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Solo Rhythm Lead Guitar

25 Sep 2009 02:37 | Quote
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Would like to start writing new solo instrumental guitar music but im kinda stuck. I like to play rhythm and percussion on the guitar but i want to start putting in lead in between rhythm parts(rhythm fills)
Im not very clued up with all the theory but should I maybe strum lets say a A major chord and do a quick scale lick starting on a A pantatonic scale? and then a G major chord and do a quick G pantatonic scale and then same with C chord and E chord like a chord progression but just with rhythm lead fills in between? with added percussion and triplets techniques?
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i got REALLY stuck, song-writing-wise back somewhere between '76 and '79 and asked my Git-Teacher, Terry, what to do.

i asked? learn more chords or or or ...

he started laughing like crazy and said 'you've got fingers right?'
--'then make up your own chords; find shapes that sound fun together and play them into a tune'

i asked how i'd remember chords i didn't know the name of

'because you'll enjoy them' , he said

'I'll tell you their (the chords) "names" after you write a new instrumental'

IT WORKED! still does.

have FUN !!!

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Hehe in other words i need time! Still need to go into the zone of writing instrumental songs. Its not so hard to make songs up with a chord progression playing or a drummer ect. . . but to write a instrumental that doesnt require a drummer, rhythm guitar, Lead guitar or singer is kinda challenging! Solo Instrumental where I mix Lead Rhythm and percussion. Jack of all trades master of none :-D
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uhhh.... im confused
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lol :p

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