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anyone listen to the new muse album

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16 Sep 2009 15:14 | Quote
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United States
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i love MK ultra and all the exogenisis. what you guys think?
18 Sep 2009 00:38 | Quote
Joined: 04 May 2009
United States
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idk i dont like muse much but the song they had on GH3 was ok
but have you listened to the new suicide silence cd
well how bout that devil wears prada cd
those were really good
the only thing about the S.S. cd
was the name of it
"no time to bleed"
they could have done better on that
20 Sep 2009 13:02 | Quote
Joined: 18 Jan 2009
United Kingdom
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I love the new album :D listened to it every day since i got it gotta love exogenisis
20 Sep 2009 13:06 | Quote
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JO5H-Please attempt to not derail a thread into another band or something, you may not like Muse, just leave it at that.

Pat, I've yet to listen to it :\ from what I've heared it's alright, though I can never listen to muse the same again these days :(
22 Sep 2009 15:27 | Quote
Joined: 22 Sep 2009
United States
I LOVE Muse and I bought the album the day it came out in the US. Resistance, Unnatural Selection, and MK Ultra are my favorites. Not digging Exogenesis or Undisclosed Desires though.
23 Sep 2009 10:05 | Quote
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sorry ill have to download it to listen to it

um whats it called exactly?
23 Sep 2009 16:59 | Quote
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the resistance
24 Sep 2009 11:23 | Quote
Joined: 20 Sep 2009
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the new MUSE CD made me realize that i'm not as much of a muse fan as i am a fan of the CD "Absolution" --- probably my favorite CD of all time. black holes was okay pretty good. their old stuff is okay pretty good, but resistance was a little over-the-top for me. nothing rocks as hard as the first 10 tracks of absolution...

oh and when reading online reviews is anyone else extremely tired of hearing the radiohead comparisons? they dont' make any sense. i've gone back and listened to "The bends" and i don't see any semblence at all

OH and i also wanted to throw out, i had the pleasure of seeing muse at "the pageant", a small-ish indoor venue in st. louis, missouri. it might hold 10,000 people? AWESOME SHOW. i love "small" (relative term, of course) shows like that. but muse is gearing themselves up for the "arena rock" show which i am not a fan of. i would hate for them to come back to st louis and have them play in the 20,000+ seat savvis center or 40,000+ seat busch stadium...

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