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Songs to play for money

12 Aug 2009 00:27 | Quote
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I have been wanting to hit the streets and set up my guitar with case open and play for some money. Not just for money (although I would like to see how much I might get). I think it would be a cool experience. I haven't really performed for people yet, just me playing for my friends from time to time.

I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good songs to play. I want to do songs that people would be familiar with and enjoy and also some that will bring people over and through me some cash. I have a decent voice and can carry a tune pretty well. I was also thinking about bringing my slide along and just jamming a little bit. Let me know if you guys have any ideas or suggestions for songs. Thanks all!
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12 Aug 2009 10:23 | Quote
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Okay so how about some old folk songs? I know that might sound undesired for some people, but there's this man who plays in my town centre on the streets pretty much every week. He always plays some amazing folk songs that grab a lot of attention. He's got the most attention I've ever noticed on streets. I noticed the song 'Blowin' in the wind' by Bob Dylan seems widely known by people in particular and he gets quite a few pedestrians giving money to him for it. Worth looking that song up I suppose. But I'm not saying to just play folk, some varied generes are bound to get different people to notice you.
12 Aug 2009 12:17 | Quote
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Personally, I recommend:
As Heather said, Blowin' in the Wind, or any Dylan song
You Can't Always Get What You Want
American Pie
Yesterday (The Beatles)
She Talks to Angels

Those should all be pretty easy to play as well as easily recognizable to the general public, thus getting more people to come listen to you!
12 Aug 2009 22:23 | Quote
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If you can play Blues Sardinas Style you're going somewhere out on the streets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBpa2CADNJA
12 Aug 2009 22:57 | Quote
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say it aint so by weezer
13 Aug 2009 06:08 | Quote
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Some pretty good suggestions there from everyone. You really can't lose with some good blues tunes. Also maybe some James Taylor or (don't laugh) John Denver, U2.
I want to hear how this all works out so after you've been playing on the street for a few days give us an update!
13 Aug 2009 11:49 | Quote
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If you're into the genre, i think that the furthest reaching songs will probably be classic rock. I liked Crunch's suggestions.
13 Aug 2009 16:18 | Quote
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys (and gals)! Keep em coming. I am definitely going to play some folk music. Partly because Bob Dylan songs aren't that hard to sing. I'm gonna work on some blues and just getting the lyrics down so I don't look like a fool when I forget them. So I probably won't be going out until early next week. I may try tomorrow just for a little bit to get a taste so I'll let everyone know how it went. The Wisconsin State Fair is going on all next week so I was gonna set-up over there. Wish me luck!

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