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Funky sounds

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1 Aug 2009 06:25 | Quote
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Which settings are good for getting a funky sound? And what guitar/amp brands are mainly played by funk players?
1 Aug 2009 11:13 | Quote
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I'd say fender for great clean sounds. If you want some really light distortion Fender has that too, and heavier and you'd need a pedal though.

Otherwise, if you want pedals I'd say the first thing to get is a decent Wah wah.
1 Aug 2009 23:25 | Quote
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Fender Style single coils,Vintage amps work really well on that classic funky cleanish tones,get a wah pedal,a touch wah maybe,but remember,Funk is on the Groove!
3 Aug 2009 06:14 | Quote
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i mainly play steel string acoustic but i find you can still get a funky sound without using any effects by:
1. sliding to 7th or 9th barre chords
2. watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMdU_lS3Izk&feature=related the following video in this series gives some good tips for funk strumming
3. having a loose wrist and relaxed posture
4. listening to lots of James Brown

to be honest i learned most of this stuff from that series of videos so go check em out.

stay funky
9 Aug 2009 00:59 | Quote
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all u need is a badass bass player that uses his or her fingerz lyk the red hot chilli peppers' bass player
9 Aug 2009 11:32 | Quote
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That is all.


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