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Do these chords seem to fit okay?

12 Apr 2009 16:30 | Quote
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Hey everyone. I'll be honest I'm new to writing sequences for my own songs. I've finally been working on chords for one of the songs I posted before, 'Going it alone.' I'm wondering, if you have the time, could you tell me if these chords seem to fit well? If you think I should tweak with any chords just say so. Note: They're all played in three strums apart from those written just before the last word of a line or after one. Also I haven't practiced them on my guitar that much yet, mainly on the 'chords to scale' tool.

Intro: G D Em D C D G D

1st verse:
(G) Too much (D) time,
To (Em) remember when Iíd (D) almost (C) turned (D) around (G, C)
As I (G) walked a(D)way I (C) realized (F) you shouldnít be (C) mine
I canít help (C) myself think that (E) I let you (D) down
Now itís (C) time I set (F) down that road (Em) and leave it all (C) behind

Because too (D) many times (G) now youíve (D) been my (C) fool


(G) Donít know what (Em) Iíve been waiting (C) for
I shouldíve (C) done this a (D) long time ago
Itís not (E) like I havenít (F) gone through this (D) too many times (C) before
(F) Thatís all thatís (Dm7) on my mind
(G) But I canít (Em) help wondering (C) was I (D) wrong to go
Because (C) that doorís slammed (F) too many times (Dm7) once more
What (G) if I return (D) I find Iíve (C) been too long

(G) Youíll be gone (D) and Iíd be (E) going it (E7) alone

Break after last chorus: G D Em D C D G

2nd verse:
(D) I wonít (G) stay to (D) apologize (C, D)
For (D) youíll say (G) I never (C) let you (E) down
These (D) mistakes with (G) you made me (D) realize
Weíll (D) end up (G) here (C) again

(G)Now Iíll face (D) the truth (Em) that if I (D) stay around
With you (C) even just for (D) one more day
(D) Iíll let you down

(Am) So instead (G) Iíll just walk (D) away

Break: G D Em D C D G

(Repeat chorus)

3rd verse:
(G)Yes itíll hurt (D) a while,
(Em) But when I (D) see you with (C) her (D, G, D)
(G) Iíll know (D) what I did (Em) was right
Because no (F) itís not (C) the way we (D) were
Iíll know (Em) this was just (G) to see you (D) smile again

(C) After going through (Am) no fault of (G) your own
(Em) Iíll continue (C) walking alone (D) tonight
(G) So back there (D) youíll be (C) alright

(Am) Because Iím (G) going it alone (D)
12 Apr 2009 17:28 | Quote
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great song heather...the only thing i dont like is de E, sounds very tense, and doesnt seems to fit...mayb is just my perception but i'd change it for Em, and everything sounds great...u must record urself playing this song...cheers!!!
12 Apr 2009 21:06 | Quote
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Have you thought of tabbing this out in a program like power tabs or anything like that just so you can get a general playback of what it would sound like. Also what type of style are you doing this in cause i think that would effect the way you would want to play it or how you want the song to sound. Just my thought, but i agree its a good song.
13 Apr 2009 07:01 | Quote
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Thanks Dylan! You're right Em does fit better. And I should be geting a camera some point soon sp I'll record it when I can.

@toastninja, I've thought of that before but I can't find any software that'd suit me for it. I need a cheap/free easy to use one. I'll continue to look some up, I don't think I've looked at power tabs before I'll go check that out. Also I aim for a country style, but I don't like to enforce a certain style too hardly. As long as I like my own compostition when I'm done I'm happy with it without having a certain style.

Thanks guys!
13 Apr 2009 07:48 | Quote
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Yeah i'd suggest you give power tabs a try, it works rather well and it is free. If im correct it uses MIDI to simulate different guitar sounds and gives you the ability to lay out multiple guitar parts and even bass lines, and print your work out after your finishd. and i agree with you on the style its good to have a certyain style in mind but you don't want to limit yourself to just that style otherwise it could get in the way of the expression your trying to portray in the song.
13 Apr 2009 10:08 | Quote
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Yeah, sounds pretty awesome to me. You're singing and playing at the same time, right? I'd love to hear your verson of this.
14 Apr 2009 13:31 | Quote
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it sounds cool and the lyrics are but not to be a critic i dont like the Em in there, sorry it just dont sound good to me. but whatever but i do love the song
15 Apr 2009 13:38 | Quote
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@ Jazz, yeah I'm singing and playing. I could still use a bit of practice multi-tasking this song though. But I'm going shopping for wither a webcam or a digital camera next weekend. Then hopfully I will have picked something I like out to record myself on and finally get to show you how I play and sound.

Thanks toastninja! I've been a bit busy over the [ast two days but now I'm going to upload guitar tabs. It sounds great! I can't wait to play around with it.

Thanks shreadhead96. It's okay, I did ask for you're opinion. I think I'll stick with trying Em out. I've messed on with so many chords to test every part of the sequence out now it's just not funny anymore! Thanks for the feedback all the same.
15 Apr 2009 14:01 | Quote
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pretty progression, i like the Em in there
16 Apr 2009 16:37 | Quote
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well if you like the Em go with it
16 Apr 2009 17:04 | Quote
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I thought A in the first verse to replacing Em. Also consider to switch Em and C in the chorus that it goes ((G) But I canít (C) help wondering (Em) was I (D) wrong to go...)

I dont know your singing melody so these might not fit, but try it out if you like :). Lyrics are nicely done.

Keep it up, its goin to end up perfect.
16 Apr 2009 18:19 | Quote
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yeah the lyrics are awesome

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