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Just abit of supporting to my dad

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5 Apr 2009 15:03 | Quote
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Well thought you might like to hear where I get my lyrical genius from, someone much much better then me. My ol' man.

He didn't perform the songs recorded (see the pages 'band blurb' for more information) but he did write the lyrics and come up with the melodies as well as having a lead part in the instrumental side of it.

Mark Lovell MySpace Band Page
5 Apr 2009 15:06 | Quote
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@ Nutter,
This is great music. I love it!
You guys should check this out. Nutter's dad has the "gift"
5 Apr 2009 15:07 | Quote
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:P Thanks man, yeah he does, got permission of him to for me to cover some of his songs, just go to improve myself now hahaha.
5 Apr 2009 15:17 | Quote
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awesome. just awesome. lol
5 Apr 2009 15:22 | Quote
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Yeah, nice stuff...but that Hard Night was freaking great! Pro stuff, was excited how its vocals was mixed and all in all very cool song.
5 Apr 2009 16:28 | Quote
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Wow, he's great at lyrics! Sadly, I only heard somewhere around halfway through of Hard Night...then my speakers sort of gave out on me! I REALLY need to get myself some new ones! I agree, Hard Night was awesome!

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