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31 Mar 2009 15:31 | Quote
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im organizing a massive fest with some friends.. massive cause were all between 16 and 20.. its for an organization that helps people with discapacities.. its gonna be around november
its gonna be in the bullring of town
lastin from 11am to 3am, were inviting several (round 7) international mexican bands and few local ones, mine will get to be between internationals, we expect at least 8000 people

any tips?
things to consider?
wanna come play?? ill get you to open a big band if u want. lol.

31 Mar 2009 18:15 | Quote
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Just exactly how are you doing this dude?
31 Mar 2009 19:57 | Quote
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we all got contacts on some bands, well get trademarks to pay for publicity or for them to be abl to sell their products inside, any trademark gets a plus when people know they do things 4 charity
31 Mar 2009 21:31 | Quote
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First let me say that I applaud what you are trying to do.
Since I don't have a clue how to do this I googled "how to organize a concert".
here are a couple of links that I thought would be helpful


these links will give you some guidance.
I wish you the best of luck and I hope you sell out!
Also I hope the bulls are taking the day off? LOL
Good luck amigo,
1 Apr 2009 15:20 | Quote
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I'll send you a picture and that'll be my best attempt of getting there.

Hope you have a great time man, that sounds like a lot of fun.

That's a massive fest to leave to just you and a few others, what are you guys going to do about food/drinks and all that?

Let us all know how it turns out and take crap loads of pictures :D

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