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335 Recording

2 Dec 2008 20:24 | Quote
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Check out "Down Off Your Love" on my PureVolume profile (http://www.purevolume.com/BobbyRayBlues).

I don't think it really captures how powerful this thing is (I'm playing through a USB interface into my computer, instead of a mic'd amp), but I'll let you be the judge of that.

335 stuff aside, this is one of the first Jazz/Latin songs that I wrote. I did a quick take of the rhythm and then did a few improvisation takes on top of it. If it sounds a little bit choppy (the lead) at the beginning and end of the solo, it's because I put the recorder on loop and just started improvising without paying much attention to where I was stopping and starting. This was one of the better takes.

2 Dec 2008 21:05 | Quote
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I really like the smooth sound of that guitar! real nice tone. excellent choice.
2 Dec 2008 21:06 | Quote
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ditto that, I loved how that lead just popped you in the head.

Good work
2 Dec 2008 21:25 | Quote
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Also if anybody is curious, here is the chord progression:

Em9 -> Em6

Cmaj9 -> Em -> Gmaj7(b5) -> Em6

Ddim7 -> Bbmaj(add9) -> Cmaj9 -> Gmaj7(b5) -> Bbdim7

Cmaj7(b5) -> Cmaj -> Bmaj

Am (Actually between Am and Amsus2, then ending on Amsus4) -> Bm6 (slide between Bm6 and Bbm6)

Am9 -> Cmaj -> Cmaj7(b5)

Improvised in E minor (loosely).
3 Dec 2008 07:40 | Quote
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Very nice tone! Love the groove as well.

Thanks for the progression, I wouldn't mind messing around with this. :D
3 Dec 2008 13:19 | Quote
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I think you should get a way to record album. Immediately. When you are done, tell me where I can buy one.

So smooth and perfect stuff for laid back relaxation.
Keep up the good work m8.

3 Dec 2008 21:28 | Quote
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And on the 7th day, Gibson created the 335...

...And it was good.
4 Dec 2008 11:10 | Quote
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Do not pass go, do not collect $500... Go straight to the recording studio and make some extended versions so we can help you recoup that cash you just dropped.

Smooth is an understatement. That 335 sounds gorgeous in your hands. Now get back to work!

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