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Problema con Cubase LE

Instruments and Gear
9 Oct 2008 00:33 | Quote
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I cant get any sound from Cubase LE. I know that the input works because I can see the music in the recording. If I record a song and then upload it to a website will I be able to hear it then?
9 Oct 2008 06:38 | Quote
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Make sure the mute button isnt toggled on. Im not joking.
9 Oct 2008 06:42 | Quote
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Play around with the options to see how the sound is configured. IT probably dosn't play for some random reason by default.
9 Oct 2008 06:45 | Quote
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Are your midi instruments actually connected to the right port thingy? You know where you can choose if you want drums or some midi instruments, is that on properly for each instrument you're using?
9 Oct 2008 06:46 | Quote
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so after you record it have you exported it? it's under file. export it and see if you can hear anything.

also you may need to play with the device setup it get things to work right. also there's a connection thing can get screwed up. but that's ususlay for inputs.

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