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Tab question

14 Mar 2008 06:30 | Quote
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Quick noob question here.

when a tab looks like this:


how am i supposed to play this? do i mute the middle string, or skip it? if i skip it, how can i play them at the same time time without ringing the middle string?
14 Mar 2008 07:12 | Quote
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I just mute the string in the middle. I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be done but that's how I do it.
14 Mar 2008 09:25 | Quote
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I also mute it, but either way works.
14 Mar 2008 10:58 | Quote
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The form is usually called an octive (if you are in standard tuning, the two notes have the same name, but one is of a higher pitch, 8 notes above).

There are two gneral ways to pick this, Finger Picking or "Flat Picking" (or combine both for Hyrbid Picking).

One you know the style, you can choose the style of fingering.

Most of the time, guitarists mute the middle string with their idle finger(s).
For instance, if you finger it with your 1 and 3, use the 2nd finger to slightly rest upon the string which is not fretted inbetween.

Wes Montgomery was known for his beatuful usage of octaves.

Enjoy playing!
14 Mar 2008 12:01 | Quote
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If you play with a plectrum, mute it. With an amp you really won't hear that muted note.

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