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glam rock music

8 Aug 2012 23:07 | Quote
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heyy dudes will u plz suggest somethin about glam rock...,
i have no any ideas about it.....
10 Aug 2012 02:00 | Quote
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Glam? Well you probably want to start with the roots of glam. Ya got artists like David Bowie,alice cooper,(possibly) mott the hoople.Then move on to poison,Warrant,motley crue. Virtually any bands from the 80's.
10 Aug 2012 12:22 | Quote
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Hanoi rocks (check the history too)

and Mike's new stuff...

they are true pioneers of the clam rock and bands like Gun's n roses, Ratt and many others took influences and inspiration back in the day... worth check it out...
11 Aug 2012 17:42 | Quote
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Wow, Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks that really takes me back. I used to love these guys.

I always thought Glam Rock was more traditional roots rock and roll mixed with make-up. Some of the bands did it right, like Hanoi Rocks and let the music be the focus and the makeup was an added bonus.

Then the tides changed and it seemed makeup became more of a focus. Every band tried to out do each other.

Glam rock came from the roots of shock rock. Alice Coopers, Kiss, David Bowie, were pioneers.

I'll say it takes a man who is real comfortable with his manhood to dress in make up and lace on stage.

Check out, Poison, Warrant, Guns N' Roses, L.A. Guns, Britney Fox, Cinderella, W.A.S.P, Motley Crue, and of course Hanoi Rocks.
17 Aug 2012 12:04 | Quote
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Yeah. Glam Rock was an interesting phenomenon where roots rock met makeup like telecrater said. There were the originals like those listed above but then in the 80s almost all metal bands changed their look and sound to fit the times. Even Van Halen, Ozzy, Rush, Judas Priest, all had unisex hair and clothes. I even wore tight colorful pants and shirts with a teased hair do! I still love the sound from the 80s but don't miss the look.

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