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what is the hardest song you have ever learned?

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24 Jul 2012 17:24 | Quote
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Im currently learning black water park by opeth and it is pretty hard but it got me wondering, what is the hardest song you have ever learned and why.

for me the hardest part about black water park is the clean chord progressions. they are really hard when it comes to getting the fingering right.
24 Jul 2012 17:32 | Quote
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Josie by Steely Dan. Lots of weird chords! Long Distance Run Around by Yes was a hard one too.
24 Jul 2012 22:49 | Quote
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I've been s fighting with the the intro to Guns N roses Sweet child O mine recently. The rest of the song (minus the solo) seems pretty straight forward. I guess that is the hardest song I've learned.
25 Jul 2012 13:21 | Quote
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Well I know These were the hardest songs I ever learned but I have since then forgotten how to play them (Still have the ability, I just forgot the notes)

Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Racer X - Viking Kong

Hardest ones I still remember

Rush - Freewill
and a few songs I wrote (I like to challenge myself)
25 Jul 2012 18:46 | Quote
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painkiller is a beast of a song to learn. pretty fun though.

I always forget about learning yes songs but they are really good. that is now on my to do list list.

after learning the intro to sweet child o mine I stopped learning the song because at the time I thought that was the only part worth playing (Im not a huge guns and roses fan.).
26 Jul 2012 17:08 | Quote
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AL Otro Lado Del Rio by Jorge Drexler. Lots of 7/9 , D9/F# , A7/11, chords. Switching between them and singing is the hardest part.


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