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This may be a stupid question...or not.

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13 Jul 2012 22:08 | Quote
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Okay, so I'm not much of a pedal person... But I'm starting to collect a few nice pedals because it's always good to have some tools in your belt ya know? But I'm tired of plugging in like 5 9volt power supplies every time I need to set up somewhere else. Is there an easier way to get power to all my pedals? This may be a stupid question but I'm new with all this external effects stuff...Thanks:)
13 Jul 2012 22:28 | Quote
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Well if your certain pedal has a place to put in a battery,that would solve your problem. Other wise you might consider a pedalboard.
like this

13 Jul 2012 23:40 | Quote
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Without looking at gshredder2112's link, you can buy a singular pedal board with a single power source. Also, if all of your pedals are the same brand - or even if they aren't perhaps, you can spider web your pedals together with one power supply.
16 Jul 2012 11:22 | Quote
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1spot makes a great powersupply. There are different tips you can get for electro harmonix pedals and reversed polarity pedals. It has about 9 or 10 outputs.

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